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47,000 pigs culled in South Korea

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The ASF virus may spread further as the rivers were contaminated with blood.

Posted on Nov 14 ,08:55

47,000 pigs culled in South Korea

A massive culling operation of 47,000 pigs was carried by South Korean authorities over the weekend, near the North Korean border, in an attempt to contain the African Swine Fever from spreading into the country. However, the authorities have run out of plastic containers used to bury the pigs and blood was spilled into a river nearby, reports ABC channel, quoting local sources.
As a result, Imjin River, which runs through the demilitarized zone, has turned blood red. This is the seventh-largest river in Korea and the population in the area fears the disease may spread to other provinces.
Authorities dismissed such fears, saying the culled pigs were disinfected before being slaughtered. They also said emergency steps had been taken to prevent further pollution of the river. ASF was discovered recently in South Korea and biosecurity experts believe that the disease was carried by wild animals coming from North Korea. 13 cases have been reported so far in South Korea since September 17, when the first outbreak was reported.
The virus was discovered for the first time in Asia in August 2018, in an outbreak reported by China. Since then it has spread to Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, East Timor, North Korea and South Korea and it is believed to be present in Indonesia aswell.

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