8 new Argentinian plants received the right to export to China


Despite critics, the country's beef industry in increasing its exposure to the Chinese market.

Posted on Sep 20 ,10:08

8 new Argentinian plants received the right to export to China

At the end of August, one in five cattle slaughtered in Argentina was shipped to China as the South American country has seen an increase of 135% in its beef exports to this market since June.
Also, in June, Argentina was ranked the main supplier of beef for the Chinese market, accounting for 32,660 tonnes shipped to the Asian country. It was followed by Uruguay, with 27,485 tonnes (+60%), Brazil with 25,384 (+1%), Australia with 23,210 (+55%) and New Zealand with 20,222 (+108%). At the same time, the volume of beef exported to China has raised certain worries among experts in the industry who are concerned about the higher exposure on one single market.
Despite that, 8 Argentinian meat plants have received on September 19 the certification for export in the Chinese market, according to an announcement made by the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Miguel Etchevehere.
At this point, Argentina has 66 units that are allowed to export in the Chinese market, of which 25 are avian, 34 beef, 3 swine, and 4 cold storages. The newest units added in the list of exporters to China are Frigorífico H.V., Amancay, Frigorífico General Pico, Runfo SA, Frimsa, Frigorífico Visom SA, SA Importer and Exporter of Patagonia and Azul Natural Beef.
Due to the ASF situation, China is currently accounting for 25% of the global meat trade, a situation that is unique in modern history. A decline of 20% in the domestic pork production has forced the Asian country to increase imports of pork and also beef, sheepmeat, and poultry that can replace the pig meat missing in its domestic market.

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