ABPA celebrates 10 years of foundation with achievements for the sector

The Brazilian poultry and swine production and export chain celebrated this week a decade of one of the most important milestones in its history, the creation of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA).

Posted on Apr 26 ,00:10

ABPA celebrates 10 years of foundation with achievements for the sector

The entity founded in 2014 was born from the desires of the different sectors' links for a single organization, which used the synergies common to production chains to act in an even more structured and assertive way as a political-institutional representation, promoting sectoral development and promoting chains in the domestic and international markets.

This led to the merger of two organizations, UBABEF (poultry, resulting from the merger of UBA with ABEF) and ABIPECS (swine), which resulted in an entity that currently has more than 140 members from different sectors, from the producing agro-industries and exporters, supply chain companies, entities representing states and supplier segments.

Francisco Turra, former minister of agriculture and current president of the association's advisory board, was president of ABPA since its foundation until 2020, when Ricardo Santin (then executive director of the entity) was chosen as the new president. Big names in the production chain were also part of the entity's staff, such as veterinarians Rui Vargas and Ariel Antônio Mendes. Leomar Somensi was the first and only president of the Board of Directors and commanded the entity's management structure throughout this decade, in line with José Carlos Zanchetta, president of the Advisory Board until 2020.

The institutional strength of ABPA, supported by the associative strength of its members and by the 4 million Brazilians who work directly and indirectly in the sectors, was fundamental for achieving great advances, as well as for overcoming several crises.

Through the synergies built, ABPA supported the expansion of the international presence of poultry and pig farming in Brazil, which can be seen in the numbers achieved by the sectoral brands maintained in partnership with the Brazilian Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil).

At the international level alone, there are almost 80 events organized and executed by the association, including major actions such as campaigns and fairs (such as Gulfood, Anuga and SIAL), which resulted in US 14.7 billion in business for participating companies. Along with this, dozens of missions towards strategic markets were organized, as well as support for the organization of health missions to validate and qualify Brazilian meatpacking plants.

These synergies also gave rise to the then International Poultry and Swine Exhibition, currently the International Animal Protein Exhibition (SIAVS), the largest sector fair in Brazil and the main political-institutional moment for production chains – which has already brought together more than 100 thousand visitors to the over five editions.

In the domestic market, the promotion of consumption was combined with the work of defending value chains. Various campaigns were promoted together with associated companies, either to encourage the consumption of products or to promote awareness of emergency topics, such as Avian Influenza and African Swine Fever – remembering that Brazil remains free of both diseases.

Crisis management was also part of the institutional work structure, and major challenges were overcome throughout this decade. At the sectoral level, the two major input crises (in 2016 and in the 2020-2022 period) marked the entity's strong dialogue with governmental and sectoral entities. The information errors resulting from Operation Carne Fraca, which took place in 2017, established one of the most complex moments of recovery of the food industry's sectoral image.

On the other hand, in expanded crises, such as the Truck Drivers' Strike (2018) and the effects of the Global Pandemic on supply, required incisive actions with federal and state entities and reinforced the broad articulation between ABPA and its affiliated entities in the states.

"All these facts are parts of a broad, complex story with a greater purpose, to promote and defend a production chain with direct influence on the lives of hundreds of millions of people in Brazil and in more than 150 countries, which generated to our country almost US100 billion in exports. ABPA is the reflection of a sectoral history of success and achieved aspirations, which grow and modernize with the strength and vision of the dynamic animal protein chain, in helping food security in Brazil and the world"', highlights the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

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