ABPA has a new president

Starting April 2020, Ricardo Santin will replace Francisco Turra as head of the association.

Posted on Dec 05 ,12:27

ABPA has a new president

The Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) chose Ricardo Santin yesterday as the new president of the entity that represents poultry and swine production in the country, from April 2020. The unanimous choice of Santin's name came after an extensive selection process that included 25 candidates, including big names in the country's business agribusiness.

“Santin has accumulated great experience as a political and institutional articulator of the productive sector, either internally or in countless international missions. It has the necessary technical and management capacity to act as the guiding thread of the national production chain,” says Leomar Somensi, Chairman of the Board of Directors. ABPA's current president, former Agriculture Minister Francisco Turra, will step down from April 2020, after 12 years at the helm of the association. “Because I know his competence and technical skills so deeply, I have great confidence in the excellent performance of Santin management in this new phase of ABPA,” says Turra.
A lawyer with a master degree in Political Science, Santin has an extensive career focused on national agribusiness. He was Chairman of the Council of CEAGESP, and served at the National Bank for Regional Development (BRDE), the National Supply Company (Conab) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), together with Turra.
He joined the poultry industry in 2007 as a special advisor to the Brazilian Association of Chicken Meat Exporters (ABEF). He was one of the articulators for the creation of UBABEF (uniting poultry exporters and producers) and ABPA, with the unification of the country's poultry and poultry farming into a single entity.

In addition to positions at ABPA, Santin is also Chairman of the Eggs Brazil Institute Board and Vice President of the World Poultry Council (IPC). Santin is also a member of the BRICS Business Council (CEBRICS), the Brazilian Business Coalition (CEB), the Brazil-United States Business Council (CEBEU), the Brazilian Section of the Brazil-Japan Business Council and the Brazil-Mexico Business Council.


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