ABPA president expects Brazilian pork export to jump


After Germany lost access to China, there is a 14% market share to be divided between major players.

Posted on Sep 16 ,07:10

ABPA president expects Brazilian pork export to jump

The presence of African swine fever disease in wild boars in Germany has led to a ban on pork imports from the country in some of the important markets in Asia and beyond. Germany had a 14% share in the Chinese pork market, which stands for almost 300,000 tonnes. Now, the other major suppliers, such as Brazils the US, Canada and Spain are targeting China in order to fill the gap created by the ban on German pork products. Ricardo Santin, president of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) expects Brazilian pork exports to Asia to increase fast in the following months, along with volumes shipped by US and Canadian exporters.
"This could end up having an effect on other exporters, especially the United States, Canada and Brazil. Probably, we will be called upon, whether due to an attempt to increase exports of pork meat or to substitute it," Mr Santin declared for the Globo Rural magazine.
The main reason is China, a country that has already lost 40% of its swine herd due to ongoing ASF outbreak. At the same time, other countries in the area such as Japan, South Korea and the Philippines have banned German pork products as well, which means they will search for new suppliers of pork or they will increase demand from the existing ones.

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