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ASF is back again in Czech Republic

African swine fever (ASF) has been found in a wild boar in the Czech Republic, close to the borders of Germany and Poland. The Czech authorities immediately initiated countermeasures.

Posted on Dec 06 ,05:50

ASF is back again in Czech Republic

This is the first case of ASF in the Czech Republic since it successfully eradicated its previous outbreak in wild boar in April 2018, 10 months after it was first detected. ASF has not been detected in domestic pigs in the Czech Republic.

The country’s State Veterinary Authority (SVS) announced that the virus had been detected in a dead wild boar in the municipality of Jindrichovice pod Smrkem in Friedländer Zipfel [Frýdlant]. It is approximately 6km away from the Polish border and 30 km away from the German border. It is around 35 km east of the Saxon border town of Zittau, in Germany. Germany has been battling with ASF in wild boar in Saxony and neighbouring state Brandenburg for more two years.

Farmers who keep pigs for non-commercial purposes will have to have the pigs slaughtered within 10 days. It is also forbidden to keep pigs outdoors in the infection zone and to move pigs into the infection zone, except for immediate slaughter at the slaughterhouse.

The Czech veterinary authorities managed to eradicate the previous ASF outbreak in wild boar, on the Republic’s eastern border, within 10 months, thanks effective surveillance, early detection and severe, meticulously applied control and eradication measures. It started on June 21, 2017, and was declared ‘resolved’ by April 19, 2018.

A look at the ASF situation in Europe shows that the spread in Eastern and Southern Europe has increased significantly over the past few years. Despite the control measures taken, numerous cases of ASF are still being found in both wild and domestic pigs. Poland is the country with the highest number of wild boar outbreaks so far in 2022, while Romania and Serbia have had the most cases in domestic pigs.

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