ASF reaches Indonesia


Traces of the virus were found in samples collected from 4,000 pigs killed in an outbreak of classical swine fever, also known as hog cholera.

Posted on Nov 11 ,11:00

ASF reaches Indonesia

The African Swine Fever virus has reached Indonesia, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. The disease was confirmed by lab tests carried on samples taken from 4,000 pigs killed in an outbreak of classical swine fever, announced an agriculture ministry official, quoted by Reuters.
"Clinical symptoms and laboratory test results point to African swine fever, but there are also samples that are positive for hog cholera," said Fadjar Sumping Tjatur Rassa, the agriculture ministry’s director of animal health. Classical swine fever was first detected in September in Indonesia’s North Sumatra province. "For the ASF, of concern is the economic loss because of its rapid spread and its high mortality rate," added the official. The government has implemented biosecurity measures in the affected areas asking local authorities to bury pig carcasses and disinfect areas to prevent the virus from spreading. Also, pigs and pork products from the affected areas are banned from transportation. The disease was found in the last two months in East Timor, which shares an island with Indonesia’s East Nusa Tenggara province.

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