Aldi's pricing policy deepens the german pig farmers crisis


The German Association of Livestock and Meat Producers (VEZG) quoted a slaughter pig price of €1.85/kg last week, which was unchanged from the previous week.

Posted on Jul 18 ,04:29

Aldi's pricing policy deepens the german pig farmers crisis

Three large German slaughter companies are now responding with house prices that are well below this price. They pass on the price pressure emanating from food retailers - with ALDI as a pioneer - down the value chain. The extremely tense economic situation of German pig farmers after two years of crisis is thus further aggravated.

When the stable slaughter pig price was announced, the Association of Livestock and Meat Producers referred to a balanced relationship between supply and demand on the pig market. The supply of slaughter pigs is currently very low due to the rapid reduction in pig stocks in recent months and also due to seasonal factors. In numerical terms, this was already reflected in a 9.2% decrease in pig slaughterings in the first five months of this year compared to the same period last year. On the other hand, demand is currently at a low level. In addition to the general decline in consumption, which is due to high inflation, among other things, there are temporary declines due to the holiday season, which meanwhile more people are spending abroad again.

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