Argentine: New case of AI was detected in two wild ducks

Hygiene & Biosecurity

The National Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) confirmed the second case of avian influenza (AI) H5 in two wild ducks found dead, this time in the province of Córdoba.

Posted on Feb 19 ,00:01

Argentine: New case of AI was detected in two wild ducks

The detection was confirmed late last week in analyzes carried out by the Senasa National Laboratory in samples taken from two dead wild ducks, both with positive results, in the Las Mojarras lagoon in the Cordoba department of General San Martín.

Senasa agents arrived at the scene based on a notification received by the Cordoba Environmental Police and took the samples that were sent for analysis and diagnosis to the organization's Laboratory in Martínez, Buenos Aires province.

Senasa continues the coordinated work with other public entities - national, provincial and municipal and the private sector - to determine possible migration routes within Argentine as well as those that can be linked to the case of wild birds detected in Uruguay.

Within the framework of its Resolution 147 that established the health emergency due to the presence of AI in wild geese in the Pozuelos lagoon, in the province of Jujuy, Senasa coordinates these surveillance actions with the National Parks Administration, the national ministries of Environment and Sustainable Development, Health, and Safety and the Department of Wildlife.

These measures include border controls, communication actions and surveillance raking of backyard birds that are found in the surroundings of the sites where migratory birds settle.
In this way, within the framework of surveillance actions, up to now, 67 samples of birds found dead have been sent for analysis to the Senasa Laboratory, of which two were positive : one in Jujuy and another in Córdoba.

Senasa also urges the productive sector to reinforce the management, hygiene and biosecurity measures of its poultry farms and to immediately notify of any detection of nervous, digestive or respiratory clinical signs, decrease in egg production, water consumption or food and high mortality in domestic or wild birds.

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