Argentine achieved recognition to export bone-in beef and lamb to Israel

The Israeli health service sent Senasa the requirements to expand the current international veterinary certificate model.

Posted on Feb 28 ,00:20

Argentine achieved recognition to export bone-in beef and lamb to Israel

The Israeli Veterinary and Animal Health Service (Ivsah), sent to the National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) its agreement to advance the export of kosher bone-in beef and sheep from Argentine.

Through a note signed by the veterinary director of Imports and Exports of Ivsah, Shlomo Garazi, it was indicated that "Israel has considered Argentine as an eligible country to export bone-in meat from the entire national territory" , and expressed its agreement to expand the scope of the current International Veterinary Certificate (IVC) for the shipment of boneless meats of the same species and offal to add kosher bone-in beef.

Argentine is recognized by the World Organization for Animal Health (WHO) as “free from foot and mouth disease”, with two free zones with vaccination and three without vaccination. This health status, which has been maintained since 2006, is reconfirmed annually and generates confidence in the global market for its buyers.

Such ratification is based on the results of epidemiological surveillance which, with the application of serological sampling and attention to complaints and suspicions, demonstrates that the health condition of being free of the disease is maintained in the different areas of the country.

Furthermore, since 2004, Argentine has been recognized by the WHOA for having the highest health status regarding bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, commonly known as Mad Cow Disease), and in 2007 it obtained official international recognition as a country of insignificant risk regarding this disease, which is ratified annually through the information that Senasa sends each year.

It should be noted that in 2023, Senasa certified the export of 36,800 tons of boneless beef to Israel. That country is the third largest buyer of products of animal origin.

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