Argentine meat exports make history


In March, the volume shipped registered a monthly improvement of 13% and the accumulated since April 2020 reached 930 thousand to, an amount never reached in the last half century. The average price grew 5% in relation to February, due to the improvement in the European market, although it was 12% lower than a year ago. Only the US exceeds the price of the previous year and the quota to that destination may be met.

Posted on May 03 ,07:38

Argentine meat exports make history

Argentine beef exports totaled 73 thousand carcass equivalent tons in March, 13% more than in February and 17% more year-on-year.

The average price was USD 4,300 per tonne of product weight, 5% more than the previous month although still 12% below a year ago.

The higher volume in March compared to February is explained by increases in sales to China, of 5 thousand tons of shipping weight, with the particularity that the increase occurred in equal parts with frozen boneless (main item) and with bone, whose participation has been growing in that destination.

The largest purchases in the EU (900 t), Chile (200) and the US (100) also stood out.

In the year-on-year comparison, China once again stands out with a rise of 9,500 t, but in this case boneless meat only contributed 1,000 while bone-in meat took the lion's share. Israel with 1,000 tons and Chile with 300 tons were the others that pushed up, while Russia discounted with 1,000 and the EU and the US with 200 tons each.

The weighted average price of the main destinations grew by a strong 14% in one month. The main influence was + 31% of the chilled to the EU. Unfortunately, the prices that made it possible are no longer in force, as a good part of the optimism of importers has been lost in the face of the delays in the anti-coronavirus vaccination campaign and the return of activity closures on the Continent.

Other markets that helped with the average price were China (+ 5%); Chile, 1%; and Brazil 10%.

On the contrary, Russia lowered them, - 5% and Israel, - 3%.

In the year-on-year comparison, the weighted average is down 4%, with declines in all markets (China 4% ), EU (2% cooled, 7% frozen), Israel (6 % ), Chile (4%) and Russia (17%).

Only the US has higher prices than a year ago (8% chilled and 15% frozen) and shipments to this destination remain at 1,000 tons per month, close to the possibility of meeting the 20,000 tons quota.

In this first quarter, the weighted average price recovered a thousand dollars from the low of 4,900 in December, although it remains among the lowest in the last 4-5 years.

In the period April 2020-March 2021, almost 930 thousand tec were exported, a number never before reached in the last half century.

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