Automatic feed data from BAT Agrar

In the past month, BAT Agrar has delivered automatic feed data to Danish Crown Data, which thus includes data collaboration with all major commodity companies in Denmark.

Posted on Jul 02 ,00:10

Automatic feed data from BAT Agrar

Unit owners in Danish Crown who purchase finished feed will now for the most part be covered by automatic updating of feed data and thus dynamic key figures in Danish Crown Data. All major commodity companies are now part of the data collaboration, and that pleases Simon Lauridsen, who is responsible for Danish Crown Data.

"It has always been the ambition that all unit owners, regardless of feed supplier, should get maximum value from Danish Crown Data. We are therefore pleased that we have drawn up contracts for virtually the entire market, so that the dynamic data flows between the companies, and the owners thus get more correct data with fewer manual inputs. I am happy that BAT Agrar can see the shared value for the industry and wants to be part of Danish Crown Data",‘ he says.

Since May, purchasers of finished feed at BAT Agrar have had the opportunity to update their feed data automatically, and at the wholesale company they say they are happy to be able to give customers better opportunities to make the right decisions on feeding.

"Since May this year, BAT Agrar has supplied data to Danish Crown Data. We would like to help ensure that the individual farmer gets as good a data base as possible to optimize his business for the benefit of the pig. With Danish Crown Data, you get a better opportunity to test different feeding initiatives, as well as link knowledge and results together for the benefit of everyone - and for the competition on the Danish market", says Paul Blond, product manager.

Danish Crown Data has been developed in collaboration between Danish Crown and IQinAbox. The sharing of data naturally requires the owner's consent to data sharing. To activate the data sharing, the owner must give consent at both Danish Crown and BAT Agrar.

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