Avian flu advances in Germany, France and Denmark

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The H5N8 was also found in Japan, where 850,000 birds have been culled.

Posted on Nov 20 ,11:50

Avian flu advances in Germany, France and Denmark

Europe looks under siege from avian influenza, with new outbreaks reported this week in Germany, France and Denmark. Last week, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Russia and Kazakhstan have also reported H5N8 cases. Germany has reported the detection of new outbreaks on several farms in the Rostock district in the eastern state of Mecklenburg-Antepomerania this week. Four counties of six are now fighting to contain the virus from spreading and 70,000 birds are about to be culled. On the other hand, in early November, Denmark detected bird flu in several dead wild birds in different locations from the border with Germany to the north of the Jutland peninsula. After that, this week the country announced an outbreak on a farm near Randers that will lead to the slaughter of 25,000 chickens, according to the Danish authorities. France was the last country to announce the presence of this virus in its region. After a first outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza detected in Corsica, on November 16, the National Agency for Health Security (ANSES) has confirmed a new outbreak in a pet store in Yvelines, in the Paris metropolitan area.
All the European states involved have confirmed that wild birds are the factor that spread the virus across Europe. Meantime, in Japan, a new outbreak in the Japanese prefecture of Kagawa was confirmed. Authorities decided to cull 850,000 birds in two farms located in the city of Mitoyo.

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