B+ Animal Welfare Commitment: a seal that makes a difference


In the Spanish pork industry, the B+ Animal Welfare Commitment seal has become an essential badge that reflects the ethical commitment of the sector and its professionals to animals. This certification makes it easier for consumers to identify products that meet the highest animal welfare standards, guaranteeing ethical and responsible production.

Posted on Apr 23 ,00:05

B+ Animal Welfare Commitment: a seal that makes a difference

Created by INTERPORC, the B+ Animal Welfare Commitment seal reflects the will of the white pork sector to be at the global forefront in this matter thanks to the obligation established to companies that wish to use it to work under stricter demands than those laid down by the European production model, considered the most demanding in the world.

The INTERPORC Animal Welfare Spain (IAWS) Technical Regulation, which establish the standards of the B+ seal for white pork, has been drafted by a committee of scientific experts and is aligned with the guidelines of the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH). That is, defining animal welfare based on five essential freedoms that cover aspects from nutrition to natural behaviour, and to guarantee a dignified life from birth to slaughter.

The effectiveness of the regulation is ensured through audits carried out by independent certification bodies accredited by the National Accreditation Entity (ENAC). This double aspect – scientific guarantee and external verification – provides to consumers the necessary confidence to recognize respectful animal welfare products.

This transparency has recently been strengthened with the launch of the website, which offers detailed information about the standards and benefits of the seal. An initiative that confirms the social commitment of the Spanish white pork sector, in addition to reinforcing its will to lead the way towards a more humane and sustainable global pork industry.


B+Animal Welfare Commitment

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