Bavarian Farmers' Association: Lidl is trying to guide consumer behavior

Bavarian farming families produce what is in demand. And they face the challenges of changing nutritional behavior. However, the Bavarian Farmers' Association (BFA) reacts critically to the broad price reduction for processed vegan foods from its own brand Vemondo announced by Lidl Germany as part of its protein strategy.

Posted on Oct 19 ,00:05

Bavarian Farmers' Association: Lidl is trying to guide consumer behavior

"Lidl is deliberately attempting to steer consumer behavior bypassing the market. Indirectly, this puts animal foods in a bad light, even if the target of Lidl's protein strategy for 2030 still contains 80 percent animal foods", criticizes BFA state farmer Christine Singer. The BFA is also irritated because in recent years, especially in the animal welfare industry initiative, animal farmers, together with the meat industry and food retailers, have set out to implement even more animal welfare on their farms. Don't the industry's joint efforts deserve full appreciation?

Unfortunately, the current price adjustment measure for vegan processed products does not reflect this appreciation. The BFA is also critical of the fact that both the issue of food origin and the high level of processing of vegan substitute products are given too little consideration in Lidl's protein strategy.

BFA regional farmer Christine Singer puts it in a nutshell: "With the one-sided price preference for its own vegan brand, Lidl is unnecessarily distorting an intact market structure and indirectly devaluing animal products. A conscious diet should primarily focus on lots of fresh, unprocessed and regional foods as well as a diverse mix of plant and animal proteins. I would like Lidl to continue to focus on expanding its German origin strategy and to treat plant-based and animal-based foods fairly and equally".

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