Beefsteak to turn into a luxury item


Danish Crown Group CEO, Jais Valeur, predicts an increase in price for beef steak or veal for the coming years.

Posted on Oct 12 ,08:14

Beefsteak to turn into a luxury item

Do you love a good, tasty, succulent beefsteak? Well, get ready to put this product into a luxury category from now on, as many producers are looking to reduce the climate impact of animal farming in the coming years. " Beef is not going to be very climate-friendly. It will be a bit like champagne, namely a luxury product. We will still have production, but there will be a production of beef and veal that comes from dairy cattle, calves and beef cattle that graze in the meadow and create biodiversity. The beef cattle will be a luxury product that we eat on special occasions," said Jais Valeur, Danish Crown Group CEO, in a statement for Danish newspaper Berlingske.
"It has become clear to me that the way we consume and think about meat is going to change noticeably in the coming years," added Mr Valeur. It is Danish Crown's ambition to become the world’s most sustainable and successful meat producer by 2030. By 2030, Danish Crown must have reduced the climate impact of meat production by 50 %, and in 2050 Danish Crown should be climate neutral.

Danish Crown have recently signed a commitment letter to the Science-Based Targets Initiative (Scope 1-3). This will help ensure that all sustainability initiatives are driven by knowledge and data. One specific near-term initiative is for three of Danish Crown’s largest production facilities to become climate-neutral in May 2022.

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