Belgian Rabbit Week campaign

Flemish classics or surprising culinary creations: during the Week of the Rabbit from 25 January to 1 February 2023, VLAM, together with retailers and independent butchers, will once again put Belgian rabbit meat in the spotlight.

Posted on Jan 24 ,00:05

Belgian Rabbit Week campaign

"Simple, classic dishes with rabbit continue to do well," says Liliane Driesen, spokesperson for VLAM, the Flemish Center for Agricultural and Fisheries Marketing. "We remain fans of our Flemish classics. Rabbit fits in that list, but is also a real all-round delicacy with which you can bring a lot of variation to the kitchen. And that is precisely what we want to highlight with this 3rd edition of Rabbit Week."

Rabbit fits perfectly in consumers' search for healthier dishes. Did you know that rabbit contains on average only about 9 g of fat per 100 g. A leg does even better with an average of 4 g of fat per 100 g.

The rabbit meat in Belgian stores often comes from rabbits from animal-friendly park systems. Belgium is an example for other Member States in the field of animal welfare. In Belgium, rabbits are kept in a park housing system, where the rabbits have a lot of space and they have access to wood, straw, hay and other chewing materials to promote their well-being.

Rabbit meat is also a sustainable type of meat. The diet of rabbits consists exclusively of "waste products" such as bran, sunflower seed or vegetable fiber-rich roughage (alfalfa, grass meal and hay or straw). All these raw materials are locally available and very well suited to circular agriculture.

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