Belgian pork regains access to several Asian markets


China is the final stronghold to be recovered for the Belgian pork suppliers.

Posted on Sep 22 ,10:52

Belgian pork regains access to several Asian markets

Belgium has managed to get back on external markets such as Singapore or Vietnam after no more cases of ASF in wild boars have been reported in the last 12 months. Now, ASF looks like a big concern for the whole of Europe, since the virus has appeared in the wild boar population in Germany. However, Belgium and the Czech Republic are seen as examples in managing the fight against the disease, both countries getting the ASF-free status over the last 12 months. Starting this month, Belgium has regained access to Singapore and Vietnam but the volumes exported are still low compared with two years ago. Currently, Germany is trying to adopt similar measures adopted by Belgium in order to contain the virus in the wild boar population in the district of Oder-Spree.
But the problems are getting worst in some other EU member countries, such as Poland and Romania where multiple outbreaks have been reported in the last two weeks. The Polish Veterinary Office reports eight new cases for the first week of September, with a large firm of 6,500 pigs affected. Meanwhile, Romania has reported 36 new outbreaks in farms, of which two of them were having 5,500 and 600 animals, while the rest were backyard farms.

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