Brazil: Exports of agribusiness products reached 9.9 billion dollars in February

In the accumulated result for the year, agro abroad sales reached a record for the first two months.

Posted on Mar 17 ,00:15

Brazil: Exports of agribusiness products reached 9.9 billion dollars in February

The value exported by Brazilian agribusiness reached US$ 9.9 billion in February this year.  The products that stood out in the month were corn, cellulose, soy bran and oil and chicken meat.

In the analyzed month, there was a decline in exports due to the reduction in exported volumes of soybeans, influenced by the delay in harvesting, despite the record production estimated by the National Supply Company (Conab), at 151.4 million tons for 2022/ 2023.

Sugar and wheat also showed a drop in foreign sales. There was less internal availability for export, due to concerns about the Argentine harvest in the case of wheat, and less sugarcane crushing due to climate issues. 

Beef also had an unfavorable performance due to the international price reduction and decrease in export volume. One of the reasons for this drop in volume is the atypical case of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy ('mad cow' disease) reported on February 22 to the World Organization for Animal Health (WHOA). As a result of this case, exports to China were temporarily suspended from February 23rd. 

In the accumulated result for the year, Brazilian agribusiness exports reached a record for the first two months: US$ 20.1 billion. Emphasis on record exports of soybean meal and oil, chicken and pork, corn and cellulose. 


Brazilian corn shipments totaled more than 2 million tons, with foreign exchange of US$ 689 million. According to the analysis by the Secretariat of Trade and International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SCRI/Mapa), the favorable performance of the cereal is due to the low international supply and the high national production of the grain for the current harvest.

In the latest Conab survey, the harvest estimate is around 125 million tons of corn. Thus, Brazil should be the world's largest corn exporter in the season. 

The main grain importers in February were Japan, South Korea, Colombia, Algeria and Vietnam.

Chicken meat

Chicken meat already had a record for the months of February, with a record of 372 thousand tons and US$ 726 million. According to SCRI/Mapa analysts, since Brazil has no record of cases of avian flu, it manages to obtain records in shipments of this protein, in view of the world scenario. The main buyers were China, Saudi Arabia, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

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