Brazil: Poultry and swine sectors project almost 900 million dollars after SIAL Paris


Deals closed at the event exceed US$ 180 million, after an action organized by ABPA & ApexBrasil that enabled the participation of 23 agro-industries.

Posted on Oct 28 ,03:02

Brazil: Poultry and swine sectors project almost 900 million dollars after SIAL Paris

After five days of busy schedules with business meetings, tastings, promotion of the sector's image and prospecting for new exports, the action organized by the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), in partnership with the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (ApexBrasil ) at Sial Paris, ended positively in closed and projected deals.
Ending on Wednesday (19), the sector action carried out during one of the largest food fairs in the world generated hundreds of millions of dollars in business for the sector and the country, from the strategic actions supported by the international brands Brazilian Chicken, Brazilian Pork, Brazilian Egg, Brazilian Breeders and Brazilian Duck.

During the days of the event alone, the 23 agro-industries integrated into the exclusive space of ABPA&ApexBrasil at SIAL closed US$ 182 million in business, according to surveys carried out with exporters. The business projected for the next 12 months is even more expressive, expected to reach US$ 833 million, according to the participating companies. More than 3,500 importers and potential customers visited the space during the five days of the event – 1,300 of them are new contacts.
And ABPA members were heavily involved at SIAL Paris. In all, 23 agro-industries confirmed their participation in the ABPA space. Among them are: Bello Alimentos, C Vale, Copacol, GTFoods, SSA, Zanchetta, Somave, Avenorte, Jaguafrangos, Aviv ar, Vibra, Villa Germânia, Vossko, Lar, Coasul, Rivelli Alimentos, Netto Alimentos, Dália Alimentos, Alibem, Ecofrigo Bugio, Frimesa, Pif Paf and Saudali.
Outside the entity's area, other associates were present. This is the case of Cooperativa Central Aurora Alimentos, BRF, Frigoestrela, Pamplona Alimentos and Seara Alimentos, which participated with their own areas or through partnerships, agribusinesses do business and prospect new opportunities for poultry and swine farming in Brazil.

The participation of Brazilian poultry and swine farming in SIAL Paris was not limited to business. In the gastronomic area, thousands of dishes based on Brazilian poultry meat were served. The space, led by chef Marcelo Bortolon, promoted the service of traditional dishes in Brazilian cuisine (original and adapted) such as roasted chicken with polenta, chicken stroganoff, chicken schnitzel, risottos and chicken cuts with cream cheese.
At the same time, promotional materials with information about associates and the production chain were distributed during the action, detailing issues such as product quality factors, production chain data, Brazilian health status and the sustainable profile of production. The materials were delivered to space visitors, stakeholders and other contacts relevant to the Brazilian sector.
ABPA also received several national and international authorities during the 5 days of the fair.
The action also included the participation of the sector in SIAL Talks – a space for debates in the midst of SIAL Paris. Sustainability and the role of animal protein producers in Brazil was the theme of the presentation made by ABPA President Ricardo Santin, who highlighted the technological development and natural competitive factors that make Brazil a safe haven for the global supply of animal protein. With Santin, the technical director of ABIEC, Cínthia Torres and George Candon, PR consultant in Europe at ApexBrasil, participated in the SIAL Talks.
Another highlight of ABPA & ApexBrasil's action was the launch of the book “Halal Poultry – From Brazil to the World”. The work, signed by photographer Manoel Petry, tells in images, facts and data the representativeness and part of the history of Brazilian production and export of halal chicken meat. The work is the result of a partnership between ABPA and ApexBrasil, together with the certifiers CDIAL Halal and FAMBRAS HALAL, as well as with the support of the Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce.
In its almost 100 pages, the book shows images about the care and respect for Islamic precepts applied by Brazilian exporting companies over almost five decades of exports, in a solid relationship that made Brazil the largest exporter of halal chicken meat in the world – with annual shipments of close to 2 million tons of products.
“The action in the French capital exceeded our expectations. We promoted actions in several strategic lines and, as a result, we achieved exceptional results in exports for the country, in addition to image gains and strengthening of ties with customers that go beyond the European Union, reaching Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The financial numbers confirm the result of the action, strengthening Brazil as a safe port for the supply of proteins to the world”, highlights the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

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