Brazil: Technical Cooperation Agreement will improve socio-environmental controls in the production chain

A new commitment was signed to bring the meat and leather sectors even closer in research, projects and solutions for sustainability in Brazil.

Posted on Jul 19 ,00:05

Brazil: Technical Cooperation Agreement will improve socio-environmental controls in the production chain

The Brazilian Association of Meat Export Industries (ABIEC) and the Center for the Brazilian Leather Industry signed a Technical Cooperation Agreement, with goals on socio-environmental processes and controls, including the improvement of bovine traceability records in the country.

The objectives of the agreement and the group that will coordinate the actions were recently presented by ABIEC, with the participation of some of the main agents linked to the two sectors. Meat and leather are part of the same production chain and have common intentions to improve their operations, data analysis and deliveries to their audiences. Compliance with legislation – both national and in the countries that import Brazilian products –, details on the origin of the raw material and the best practices in each stage of the production cycle are current guidelines shared by both sectors.

The agreement will put into action a plan with mutual support that can bring results to meat and leather companies in the country in terms of technical and registration requirements required by different customers and markets. Dialogue, operational interface, articulation and collection and availability of authorized data are some of the key expressions of the projects that will be developed through the agreement.

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