Brazil exported 9.4 thousand tons of eggs in 2022

Brazilian exports of eggs (considering fresh and processed products) totaled 9,474 thousand tons in the twelve months of 2022, a volume 16.5% lower than that achieved in the same period of the previous year, with 11,346 a thousand tons.

Posted on Jan 19 ,04:17

Brazil exported 9.4 thousand tons of eggs in 2022

In revenue, the total result of sales for the year reached US$ 22.419 million, a result 24.2% higher than that recorded in the same period of 2021, with US$ 18.054 million. It is the best result recorded since 2015.

In December, egg sales reached 431 tons, a volume 82.7% lower than that recorded in the same month of 2021, with 2,492 thousand tons. Revenue recorded in the period reached US$ 1.296 million, a number 67.5% lower than the US$ 3.991 million recorded in December 2021.

"While they did not impact the domestic supply of products, egg exports last year generated significant foreign exchange for the country, at a particularly important moment in view of the historic high in production costs", said the president of ABPA, Ricardo Santin.

The United Arab Emirates continue to be the main importer of Brazilian protein. In 2022, they imported 4,453 thousand tons, a volume 35.6% lower than that carried out in the same period of 2021, with 6,915 thousand tons. The highlight of the year, in turn, was Qatar, host country of the World Cup, which occupied second place in the export ranking with a total of 1,107 thousand tons, a number 127.8% higher than that registered in 2021, with 486 tons. In third place, Japan imported 1,093 thousand tons, with a performance 6.6% lower than that registered in 2021, with 1,171 thousand tons.

"The main countries that buy Brazilian eggs are markets with high added value, which generated important revenues for laying poultry, especially in a very challenging year for the sector, which faced historic highs in production costs. The domestic market is and will continue to be the main focus of the producing companies, but year after year new markets have been opened and the expectation is that step by step Brazil will increase its participation in important markets, as is the case of Mexico, for example", assesses ABPA's director of markets, Luis Rua.

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