Brazil to deliver another livestock shipment to Vietnam


Last month, a shipment of 14,000 head of cattle for slaughter was sent to the SE Asian country.

Posted on Oct 19 ,12:34

Brazil to deliver another livestock shipment to Vietnam

Despite the long distance between Brazil and Vietnam, the first livestock shipment from the South American country has arrived last month in the port of Thi Vai. Another shipment is expected to take place in December and that raises worries among Australian cattle exporters. Australia was the only supplier of live cattle in the Vietnamese market but Brazil looks like a strong competitor, with cheaper prices put on its cattle herds. That will surely reduce the level of livestock exports in the SE Asia region for Australian cattle breeders, although there is no reason to believe that Brazil will soon surpass Australia's market share in Vietnam.
On one hand, Australian cattle have the highest animal health standards in the world and closer and geographic proximity to Vietnam. On the other hand, Vietnamese cattle importers may look for alternatives in livestock supply so they do not rely solely on Australia. According to the owner of the ship that delivered the first batch of Brazilian cattle to Vietnam, the mortality rate for the first shipmen was 30 head or 0.25% of the cargo. He also mentioned that the contract between the parties involves a total of 60,000 cattle head, which are to arrive until 2022.

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