Brazilian poultry industry is heading for a new historical record


According to MAPA, exports of fresh chicken meat will be very close to 4.1 million tonnes this year.

Posted on Jul 30 ,07:51

Brazilian poultry industry is heading for a new historical record

The poultry sector in Brazil is set to achieve another historical record in fresh poultry exports. Estimates from the country's Minister of Agriculture (MAPA) the volume may reach 4.098 million tonnes, which is a new historical record for the sector surpassing the previous one of 3.961 million tonnes from 2016.
The current indicators even suggest that this volume will be exceeded. Shipments made in the first half of 2019 increased by 11% over the same period last year and exceeded 1.9 million tonnes. In order to reach the 4.098 million tonnes estimated by MAPA, it will be necessary for Brazil to export about 2.2 million tonnes until the end of the year, only 4% more than in the second half of 2018, which is very likely to happen.
If the current daily shipping volume (17,038 tonnes) is kept until the end of the year, the volume of fresh poultry exported by Brazil may surpass the estimates and even reach 4.2 million tonnes if accelerated.

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