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Brazilian poultry regains access to the Filipino market

The ban imposed on suspicion regarding coronavirus infected chicken meat has been lifted.

Posted on Sep 08 ,11:21

Brazilian poultry regains access to the Filipino market

Starting this week, the Philippines may resume poultry imports from Brazil, announced the Department of Agriculture. Officials from Manilla decided to lift the ban imposed on Brazilian poultry after South American producers presented evidence on the coronavirus prevention measures.
Brazil is the third-largest supplier of poultry for the Philippines but a new set of rules will force Brazilian exporters to have labels stating these were handled in facilities with strict hygiene and sanitation measures, according to a memorandum issued by the Philippine agency. Shipments that won’t comply with these conditions will be confiscated, added the statement issued by the Filipino Department of Agriculture.
China, Hong Kong and the Philippines have placed a ban on Brazilian poultry after local authorities in Shenzen - China claimed they found coronavirus traces on poultry meat imported from Brazil.

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