Butcher Munch nominated for Denmark's best butcher shop

Butcher Munch is ready for the busy weeks of the summer, and it happens with a nomination as Denmark's best butcher shop.

Posted on Jul 05 ,03:35

Butcher Munch nominated for Denmark's best butcher shop

Butcher Munch has for generations positioned himself as one of the absolute best butcher shops in Denmark. This applies to both the quality of the goods and the service you receive in the store in Skagen.

Fortunately, Danish Agriculture & Food Counsil also thinks so, because they have just nominated Buther Munch for the Butcher Awards 2022, where Butcher Munch is one of a total of three nominees.

The award pays tribute to those in the industry who manage to give the customer the best possible experience and the best inspiration and guidance in relation to buying meat, preparing the meat, meal solutions, cold cuts, etc.

"The butcher profession is about to do away with the traditional perception of what a butcher is and can be. The frame expands and the butchers follow. The nominated butchers are capable of strong craftsmanship, have a high professional level and an assortment that inspires the customer. Particularly special for this year's nominees is their focus on meeting the customer's needs, and then they think in sustainable and green solutions, among other things. with local ingredients", says chief consultant and jury member Eva Kunnerup Mohrsen from Danish Agriculture & Food Counsil. 

Marie Munch, who is the fourth generation in Butcher Munch, currently manages the business, after Danish Crown bought Butcher Munch in 2017.

For her, the nomination means a lot after a few years with COVID-19 and price increases as a result of the war in Ukraine.

"The last few years have offered several challenges that have been out of our hands, so the nomination for the Butcher Award is a huge pat on the back to our talented employees who are doing fantastically well and have just moved together in a challenging time. I can probably praise them so much, but when people from outside do it with this nomination, it gives us all a huge boost", says Marie Munch.

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