CPC looks to resolve the pork trade dispute with China


The appointment of a new ambassador in Beijing gives hope to Canadian Pork Industry to resume pork exports in the Chinese market.

Posted on Sep 05 ,09:10

CPC looks to resolve the pork trade dispute with China

The Canadian Pork Council anticipates a much-improved relationship with China following the nomination of Dominic Barton as the new ambassador to China. Pork exports to China have been stopped in June after the Chinese authorities have raised concerns regarding the validity of an export certificate and accused the Canadian Food Inspection Agency of releasing these documents without conducting propper controls on exporting companies. The Chinese authorities have also presented evidence of ractopamine taces found on Canadian pork.
"he CPC is pleased with the nomination of Dominic Barton. His 2017 report on economic growth identifying the trade of agricultural products as a key driver of the Canadian economy was well received by the industry. We look forward to working with Mr. Barton to regain access to the Chinese market and continuing to contribute to growing agricultural exports to $75 billion by 2025," said the Council in a press release.
China is a very important market for Canadian producers. In 2018, Canada’s pork exports were valued at almost $4 billion, of which $514 million was exported to China. It is the country's third-largest export market. Sales in 2019 have increased by 50% over 2018 levels. Demand for pork products remains strong in China and Canadian producers look forward to having the opportunity to continue to meet the needs of our Chinese customers.

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