Canned meat sales explode in Europe


Denmark has seen sales in canned meat increasing by 1000% and expects the demand to remain stable.

Posted on Mar 24 ,06:55

Canned meat sales explode in Europe

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak in the markets across the globe is making an impact on demand and sales of canned meat in Europe. "There is generally greater demand across all markets, but especially European markets are now demanding canned products beyond the usual. In the United States, they have also begun to understand the situation. There we could feel a greater level of unrest among customers last week, where they experienced increased sales in the stores," explained Mikael Horsboll, Director of Marketing and Innovation International at Danish Crown Foods.
Extra production days have been added for the workers at Danish Crown Foods' plant in Vejle to respond to increased demand that is making the sales volume jump by 1000% in the last week.
"We notice that several countries are concerned about their future deliveries. So in a time when everyone lacks goods and the logistics are challenged on both road, sea and air, we are seeing increasing demand as many customers want their deliveries advanced if possible," added Mr. Horsboll.

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