Carnimad warns about the risk of shopping in personal containers


The use of own containers to make purchases in specialized food stores is allowed and on the rise, but it must preserve some minimum conditions so that they are suitable, says Madrid's butcher association.

Posted on Sep 08 ,11:41

Carnimad warns about the risk of shopping in personal containers

Carnimad, the professional association of butchers from Madrid, considers shopping in own containers a factor of risk for the health of the consumer. Although it is still too early to talk about a trend, more and more consumers come with their own containers to buy meat products and delicatessen from the butchershops in Spain. The specialized meat trade and its professionals, aligned with the commitment to reduce the use of plastics and accepted this method but it is essential to impose a series of guidelines, in order to avoid unnecessary risks to the health of the consumer, forcing them to keep the packaging in perfect condition, warns Carnimad.
New guidelines were printed and posted in the butcher shops around Madrid in order to inform the clients about the condition of their own packaging material. "The use of their own containers is allowed, but it is necessary to preserve some minimum conditions so that it is suitable to keep the food. Because of a lack of training and education in food safety can pose a risk to consumer health, the establishment reserves the right not to provide the product in the packaging provided by the consumer if it considers that it does not meet the appropriate hygiene characteristics, as its professionals are responsible for what happens inside the store in terms of safety food," said the association in a press release.
Therefore, the establishment can allow consumers to provide their own packaging, for the purchase of bulk products as long as:

- Are reusable containers made of terracotta, glass or plastic suitable for food use or with the symbol
- That the container does not have marks that show that it has previously contained food from another manufacturer or nature, or that it has contained or been in contact with non-food products that are toxic or incompatible with food or beverages.
- That the container is not damaged and is clean and disinfected.
- And you will never pack food in metal cans or containers with metal lids, sheets of “metal papers”, papers, cardboard, cardboard, cellulosic and plastic films, metal caps and capsules.

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