Chile achieved authorization to export meat and poultry by products to Paraguay

Last Wednesday, April 17, and after fruitful negotiations between SAG, ChileCarne and the Paraguayan health authority, SENACSA, the pending authorization to export poultry meat was obtained.

Posted on Apr 24 ,00:10

Chile achieved authorization to export meat and poultry by products to Paraguay

Paraguay is an interesting market for Chilean poultry meat exports, as its consumption has been increasing in recent years, reaching 25 kg per capita in 2022, according to statistics from the Paraguayan Poultry Farmers Association (AVIPAR). ). This is indexed to the relevant growth that the country has had in economic matters. According to figures from the World Bank, GDP per capita in today's dollars has gone from US$1,728 in 2000 to US$6,153 in 2022.

Everything suggests that there is still a significant growth gap in Paraguayan poultry meat consumption, due to the characteristics of this source of animal protein that is positioned as healthy and accessible in terms of price. Just for comparison, today poultry meat consumption in Chile reaches 37 kg per capita versus 25 kg in Paraguay.

It should be noted that Chile has a zero tariff for entry to Paraguay, established in Chile's Trade Agreement with Mercosur, and that it already had authorization for shipments of meat and pork by-products.

This milestone is a good example of economic complementarity, considering that Chile represents the first destination for Paraguayan bovine exports, according to data from SENACSA, the health authority of Paraguay.

Rodrigo Castañon, Business Manager of ChileCarne tells us that "as an association we want to thank all the efforts carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and the SAG, to achieve the opening of this new market for poultry exports from Chile".

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