Chile exported 637,000 tons of chicken, turkey and pork meat in 2022

As reported by the Central Bank, food in general increased Chile's total exports by 11% last year, reaching a new milestone of returns generated by this sector for the country of US$ 21,567 million. As for the food products with the greatest variation, poultry meat stood out -chicken and turkey- which increased its exports by 40%.

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Chile exported 637,000 tons of chicken, turkey and pork meat in 2022

The Central Bank of Chile issued a report with the figures for the country's total exports as of December 2022, which reflected a 3% growth compared to the previous year, totaling US$97,491 million, of which US$21,597 correspond to to the food sector and US$1,308 million to chicken, turkey and pork meat. Complementing the data with the figures from Chilean Customs for 2022, 637 thousand tons of these last three proteins were exported, which is equivalent to 95% of the total Chilean meat exported.

In the detail of the figures for the food sector, it can be seen that the increase in foreign sales is due to what happened with shipments of processed products, which expanded by 16%. Within these, the largest increase can be seen in poultry (+40%), salmon and trout (+27%) and dried fruits (+25%). According to figures from the Central Bank, shipments of poultry meat in 2022 totaled US$700 million and in 2021 they had been US$499 million. Although pork meat exports decreased in value by 21%, they reached US$ 608 million last year.

As for the total volumes of meat exported in 2022, according to Chilean Customs, it reached 208 thousand tons of chicken meat, 31 thousand tons of pork and 398 thousand tons of turkey meat.

On the other hand, regarding the destinations of exports, the Monthly Report on Foreign Trade of Chile, January - December 2022, highlights that Chilean products reached 194 countries in the world and in 126 of them increased the amount exported. The biggest increases occurred in China, South Korea and Japan, destinations where pork has consolidated its presence and recognition over the years.

Analyzing these results, Juan Carlos Domínguez, president of ChileCarne indicated: "Chile's good animal health conditions and the network of trade agreements have allowed us to reach multiple markets with our products, and thus take advantage of the great demand for poultry meat from the northern hemisphere affected by outbreaks of avian influenza. Although the value of exports increased as a result of this high demand, production costs, mainly the value of grains, experienced a historic rise, which ultimately negatively affected the results of the companies".

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