China bans pork imports from one Brazilian plant


The unit in Chapeco, Santa Catarina, owned by Aurora Alimentos is questioned about COVID-19 cases among employees.

Posted on Jan 06 ,11:40

China bans pork imports from one Brazilian plant

China has suspended imports from a pork factory operated by Aurora Alimentos for concerns about the coronavirus, the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) said at the beginning of this week.
The Ministry of Agriculture confirmed that it was informed by the Chinese authorities, on December 28, of the suspension of the hog plant permit. The ministry said that China "requested information on Covid-19 cases at the facility" without giving further details.
ABPA has said it is supporting Aurora and providing the Ministry of Agriculture with information that it may be necessary to send to Chinese authorities in order for the ban to be reversed.
"ABPA emphasizes that this is a punctual and past situation," said the entity. "All the information and demonstrations of good practices of the cooperative - which follows the strict sectoral and official protocols for Covid-19 - have been demonstrated in detail to the Chinese authorities."

The Aurora unit affected by the suspension is located in the city of Chapeco, in Santa Catarina, ABPA said. China has already carried out similar suspensions against other Brazilian slaughterhouses, including JBS and BRF, but some of the bans have already been lifted. ABPA reiterated that there is no scientific evidence of the risk of contamination of Covid-19 through food consumption.

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