China includes cultured meat in five-year plan


With a huge population, an expanding middle class, strong urbanization and the associated loss of land, people in China are very concerned about food security in the future. That is why cultured meat was included in the five-year plan of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

Posted on Jun 24 ,07:21

China includes cultured meat in five-year plan

Reducing meat consumption in China is a very difficult matter. Meat is intrinsically linked to status and health and has evolved from a rare treat to an everyday ingredient.

Beef, once referred to as "millionaire meat," is today consumed more than ever in China, alongside pork, which is still the most widely bought by the Chinese.

The systematic expansion of the Chinese middle class is generally regarded as the harbinger of greatly increased meat consumption. In 2021, the average Chinese consumer consumed 45.17 kg of meat on an annual basis. On the Statista website, we see that this will increase to 52.84 kg per person in 2029.

Food security is an ongoing concern for China's 1.4 billion population. In fact, the concerns about this have become an important part of the national security strategy.

Indeed, increasing food waste, land loss due to increasing urbanization, changing food preferences and other challenges have revealed gaps in the food supply chain.

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