China is ready to inspect the Danish beef control system


A delegation is going to visit Denmark next week in order to open the Chinese market for Danish beef products.

Posted on Sep 10 ,09:03

China is ready to inspect the Danish beef control system

The Chinese beef market is ready to open for beef products from Denmark, announced the Danish Food Minister Mogens Jensen after his first official visit in China, where he was able to convince the official to send a Chinese inspection in Denmark next week to inspect the country's beef control system. The first discussion in the matter of Danish beef exports to China was made in September 2014.
" Opening the Chinese beef market will have a potential value of between DKK 75 and 300 million ($11 and 44.5 million)", said the Ministry in a press release.
During the same visit, minister Jensen also discussed the export of eco-labeled foods with the Chinese Minister of Agriculture.
The hope is that the authorities in China will soon accept and recognize Danish ecological control. Today, it is very expensive for Danish companies to become certified to sell organic products to China. The certification is done through a Chinese inspection body, and the companies must both pay a fee and pay for the Chinese inspection visits in Denmark, including travel and accommodation expenses.
Currently, only 5 Danish companies (Arla, Thise Dairy, Them Co-operative Dairy, Nature DK and Fynbo Food) have the certification required to export organic food in the Chinese market but their number could increase fast if the parts reach an agreement. Since 2014, exports of organic products from Denmark to China have quadrupled.

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