China: The CIIE closed with sustained demand but prices without increases for Argentine meat


The 19 companies that accompanied the Institute for the Promotion of Argentine Beef (IPCVA) at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai worked at a very good pace in a market still affected by the post-pandemic.

Posted on Nov 15 ,00:15

China: The CIIE closed with sustained demand but prices without increases for Argentine meat

The 19 companies that accompanied the Institute received hundreds of clients at the Argentine Beef Pavilion and confirmed that demand remains strong although better prices than those negotiated in recent months were not achieved.

According to exporters, the Chinese market is very tight and the effects of the pandemic that hit the Asian giant's economy until the beginning of this year have not yet dissipated.

"Obviously the interest that Argentine meat has in China is very clear," said Carlos Odriozola, Councilor of the IPCVA. "Hopefully our production will grow to continue placing more meat here because the market is eager to receive it", he added.

"We also hope to be able to start placing the best quality cuts, which are already arriving, but we should increase them more and more", he concluded.

For his part, Fernando Herrera, President of APEA, said that "the good news is that demand remains very firm, perhaps at prices not as good as we had or those we expect". "It is a market that is already consolidated and the next step is going to be to place a greater percentage of quality meat", he said.

Pedro Erbín (Gorina Refrigerator) confirmed that "prices are stable" and was hopeful about the interest shown by importers in the offal "that are soon to be approved".

"It is a strong market, it is a large market, it is an important market for Argentine and for all the companies that are here, but it is surely suffering from this excess supply from all these clients", said Patricio Casiraghi ( Frigorífico Pico) and added: "I think we have to continue supplying a certain amount of commodity meat but looking for more specific market niches".

"There is a lot of room to continue growing", said Néstor Tomasello (Tomasello SA). "The meat that we send to Europe today will in the future enter here in China as quality meat and that will be a great business niche", he concluded. 

At the same time, within the framework of the promotional campaign carried out by the IPCVA in China, during the fair various local influencers held live broadcasts and cooking classes at the stand and numerous media outlets portrayed the passage of Argentine meat through the CIIE.

For participation in the exhibition, the IPCVA developed the Argentine Beef Pavilion, measuring more than 600 square meters, with a restaurant to taste the best Argentine beef and individual boxes for exporters.

The companies that accompanied the IPCVA are the following: APEA, ArreBeef, Compañía Bernal, Compañía Central Pampeana, Ecocarnes, Frigorífico Forres Beltran, Frigorífico General Pico, Frigorífico Gorina, Frigorífico Rioplatense, Frigorífico Visom, Frimsa, Grupo Lequio, Industrias Frigoríficos Recreo, La Anónima, Offal Exp, Quickfood (Marfrig), Rafaela Alimentos, Tomassello and Urien-Loza.

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