Chinese local authorities urged to protect pork supplies


During the Chinese New Year holiday, increased consumption of pork is expected to raise problems in the provinces affected by ASF outbreaks.

Posted on Jan 31 ,09:44

Chinese local authorities urged to protect pork supplies

Han Changfu, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, has asked the local authorities to take steps to ensure a sufficient supply of pork while maintaining their efforts against African swine fever.
By now, the ministry released 9,600 tonnes of frozen reserve pork into the market and has instructed local governments to release more to ensure availability to consumers. Spring Festival, the beginning of the new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar, starts next week, on February 4, and it will last for a week, a period that represents a peak in food consumption in China.
24 provinces in China have reported ASF outbreaks in the last 6 months and transport of pigs and pork products between those provinces and other parts of the country has been restricted. Zhu Zengyong, an analyst at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said restricting the transport of pigs has resulted in a reduced supply of pork over the past months in some areas of southern China that traditionally rely on pigs imported from other regions which may cause price hikes ahead of Spring Festival, according to ECNS news.

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