Choosing the right meat slicer is key to saving time, money and space

We’re all feeling the pinch in this current economic situation, and everyone is looking for ways to save – without compromising quality. If you’re creating cold cuts, a Marel meat slicing machine, with its unique features, gives you market-leading technology and three significant ways to save.

Posted on Sep 28 ,00:05

Choosing the right meat slicer is key to saving time, money and space

With the world experiencing historically high energy prices, it makes sense to choose an industrial slicer that will help you minimize electricity consumption. This will not only have a positive effect on your bottom line but also on sustainability through reducing resource usage, which is a vital consideration for modern food processors.

At Marel, we are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of energy needed in food processing. That’s why a Marel slicing solution with ECO SLICING technology should be your first choice. This unique technology allows you to slice at higher temperatures. Raw materials need less preparation beforehand, which significantly reduces your energy costs while providing the highest quality end-products.

Whether you’re delivering to tight deadlines or need to respond quickly to changing consumer demand, you want a meat slicer that operates at the highest levels of efficiency to optimize your production time.

Having the right blade technology is top priority, as it gives you the most efficient slicing of the widest range of raw materials. Having machines that are reliable and easy to operate is also an important factor. In addition, having the flexibility to scale production quickly and easily is key to making the most of your production time.

We have designed our slicing solutions to give you greater efficiency than other equivalent meat slicing machines. From the innovative TREIF blade technology that reduces idle cuts to the range of expansion modules and adjustable belts, which allow production to be quickly and easily scaled, everything focuses on maximizing production time.

Our machines use slicing technology to cut through the competition and can slice and stack simultaneously, lowering non-productive time. They can also handle multiple units of the same product at once. User-friendly software with menu-guided touch screens ensures these high-speed slicers are intuitive and easy to operate, and their ergonomic design makes loading faster and more efficient.

Bigger isn’t always better! Choosing an industrial food slicer with a smaller footprint not only saves valuable floor space but also increases your flexibility to respond to changing markets. A smaller machine can also give a higher output per square meter of production space. There’s also the benefit of lower shipping costs and less time required for installation.

Marel meat slicers have a considerably smaller footprint than comparable machines on the market. Advanced slicing doesn't need to take up a lot of space and their compact and mobile design can easily integrate into a line or stand-alone. In addition, they have the benefit of lower cost of ownership and lower maintenance requirements compared to similar industrial slicers.

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