Cocorico, finalist at the World Food Innovation Awards 2023, London!


Cocorico products are just one step away from winning Best Chicken Product of the Year and Best Chilled Product of the Year at the World Food Innovation Awards 2023.

Posted on Mar 15 ,00:20

Cocorico, finalist at the World Food Innovation Awards 2023, London!

We are delighted and proud to announce that our beloved products from the Cocorici and CocoBaked ranges will be on Europe's biggest food stage this spring, having been selected as finalists in two categories of the 2023 World Food Innovation Awards competition at IFE London, taking place from 20-22 March 2023.

Our Cocorici product is running for 1st place in the Best Meat/ poultry product category and CocoBaked- Chicken Wings have been chosen as finalists in the Best Chilled/ frozen product category.

IFE London is the largest international food fair in England, with over 1500 exhibitors from 91 countries and a history of over 40 years. The 2023 World Food Innovation Awards competition celebrates the most innovative companies and products from around the world and recognizes their outstanding contribution to the food industry, by selecting the most innovative and sustainable products for modern consumers from hundreds of entries.  The winning products will be announced on 20 March at a special ceremony on the opening day of the fair.

The products in the Cocorico Original range are innovative products, designed to meet the needs of modern consumers with a fast-paced life-style, who seek healthy and affordable food and don’t settle for less. These products are premium quality, protein-rich, fresh Romanian meat specialties made from 100% natural ingredients, without additives, allergens or preservatives and can be eaten at any time of the day by people of all ages, without restrictions.

Developed as a natural response to consumers’ increased interest in clean label products and sustainable farming, Cocorico Original specialties are based on fresh chicken meat, Cocorico, The All- Natural Chicken Brand, sourced from ethically raised chickens that meet the highest standards of biosecurity, animal welfare and environmental awareness.

Cocorici, our "star" innovation, features spectacular tasting products with a 100% clean label (no preservatives, additives, starch, sodium monoglutamate), while being gluten or other allergen-free and enjoying a unique nutritional profile of the highest quality.

Membrane-free, ready-to-eat, Cocorici are the ideal choice for a tasty and healthy meal, as part of a hot dog, pizza, salads... or simply eaten straight from the package. With a unique way of production, Cocorici is the result of a fully automated production process that allows ZERO touching of the product during the entire flow. The consumer is practically the first person to touch the product after opening the protected atmosphere packaging.

Choosing Cocorici helps you reduce both food waste (economical packages, which offer you the ideal amount of product) and the resources involved in preparing a meal (electricity, heating, time, etc.) and gives you a natural mix of essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. You'll find only fresh Cocorico chicken meat and naturally sourced spices in the pack.

Choosing CocoBaked products makes cooking easier: all you have to do is choose a garnish, and we will provide you with the tasty, healthy meat you need for the perfect dinner. With this in mind we have developed our ready-to-eat  range of chicken wings, drumsticks, chicken thighs and chicken breast. They are made from 100% fresh, naturally raised Cocorico chicken, free from antibiotics, growth hormones or other additives, sprinkled with natural spices, steamed and baked. We enjoy a clean label with no gluten or other allergens, nitrites, additives, preservatives, flavor enhancers or artificial flavors,  with a high intake of protein, minerals and vitamins, boosting the immune system and feeding us healthy and tasty food.

Our CocoBaked specialties are ideal for consumers of all ages, with no restrictions (also suitable for people suffering from allergies; regardless of religious constraints - Halal certified) making them time and cost efficient, as they can be consumed as they are, right from the pack, heated or grilled for just 1 minute.

By choosing Cocorico products, you are choosing super quality, renowned European chicken meat, sustainably produced, integrated from farm to fork, with ZERO additives, allergens, or artificial flavors and with ZERO product touch (Cocorici).

Fingers crossed for our super tasty ranges, Cocorici and CocoBaked Chicken Wings!

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