Comprehensive Sustainability of Spanish White Pork


The Spanish white pork sector has always been at the vanguard of trends and is well aware that its existence depends on its sustainability. For this reason, it has spent years working on this concept until it has become its essence, the strategic pillar of its activity.

Posted on Jan 19 ,04:14

Comprehensive Sustainability of Spanish White Pork

Consequently, from the Spanish Inter-professional Agri-Food Organization for White Pork(INTERPORC), as a non-profit entity made up of all sectors of the white pork value chain (production, transformation and commercialization), we carry out actions in 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals that we have incorporated into our Strategic Plan in order to develop activities aimed at promoting the implementation in the Spanish white pork sector of policies and commitments to support a "Comprehensive Sustainability" and a "Development Sustainable Sector”.

From an economic point of view, it has a powerful primary and industrial structure that has led it to be the leading European producer of pork and the second largest exporter in the world, generating wealth and employment at a national level.

From an environmental point of view, few sectors have made as many efforts as the white pork sector, having reduced nitrogen emissions by 50% per animal in the last 30 years.

From the social point of view, it is an important backbone that generates employment in small towns and that fights against the depopulation of rural areas, proving to be a sector capable of generating wealth, fixing population and fighting against gender inequality.

In conclusion, the sector promotes a sustainable production model that guarantees care, protection and respect for the environment, the care and welfare of livestock at all stages, the implementation of good practices on farms and throughout the value of chain, and food safety thanks to the traceability system from Farm to Fork.

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