Danish Crown: Dyrbar has become visible on several menu cards

It has been almost four years since Danish Crown Dyrbar was launched, and several restaurants are so satisfied with the quality and values behind Dyrbar that they have started to use the name.

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Danish Crown: Dyrbar has become visible on several menu cards

If you take a trip past the restaurant Østergade 1 in Randers or Cafe Wilder in Copenhagen, you may be greeted by Boeuf onglet - Steak of kidney beans from Dyrbar's selection. Prepared rare, or Neck fillet – Fried medallion of neck fillet from Dyrbar's selected dry-hung heavy pig.

Several of the professional customers, restaurants, canteens, etc. have opened their eyes to the fantastic ingredients that Danish Crown Dyrbar has. At the same time, the Dyrbar name and the story behind the products have become attractive to consumers.

At Østergade 1, owner Rene Baade Stenholt is very satisfied with the products from Dyrbar. He always has beef tenderloin and hook-aged pork belly from Dyrbar on the menu, while there has also been veal and pig on the monthly menu, which changes.

For him, there are several reasons why he is a regular customer at Dyrbar and uses the name on his menu and on his Facebook profile.

"We do not compromise on quality at Østergade 1, and the products from Dyrbar are always of the same high quality. At the same time, beef tenderloin polished and cut to size, so we save a lot of time in the kitchen. Dyrbar is also the story that the best Danish pigs and cows are selected and matures, and we always want to link good stories to our food", says Rene Baade Stenholt.

At Cafe Wilder, located in Christianshavn, Dyrbar has become a permanent product on the menu. Head chef Nikolaj Rønne says that they always have Boeuf onglet, kidney beans, and hook-aged neck fillet from heavy pig from Dyrbar on the menu.

For him, it is also true that it is the high and consistent quality of the products that makes Dyrbar attractive to Cafe Wilder. And that the hook-aged neck fillet of Danish heavy pig is a product that you cannot find similar from Denmark.

"Dyrbar is not an item by the metre, and as a restaurant we want to stand out. Just the name sends a signal to the guests that it is some special meat, and good stories and values in the products, we can't have too many. The flavor experience of a neck fillet of Danish heavy pig cannot be found anywhere else in Denmark. Then you have to switch to Spanish black-footed pigs, but we would like to use the Danish product", says Nikolaj Rønne.

He also says that when Cafe Wilder switched to using Dyrbar as a supplier of their Boeuf onglet, they experienced a completely different uniformity in the products.

"Boeuf onglet is probably the beef product where you get the most flavor, but it is also important that the meat is of good quality. If it is poor quality, it is a carving that is impossible to save. And in a kitchen where things have to go fast, it's also important that we get products that are similar in size and we get that now", says Nikolaj Rønne.

Søren Overgaard is Senior Manager at Danish Crown Professional and is responsible for Dyrbar Professional. He is pleased that several restaurants have taken Dyrbar to heart and are both happy with the quality and the brand.

"Dyrbar is barely four years old, and it takes time to get to know the good ingredients. That is why it is fantastic to hear and see that several restaurants have adopted the good ingredients and that they are happy to use them in the kitchen. It is the good craftsmanship that we can offer in Dyrbar, but it takes time to spread widely", says Søren Overgaard.

Casper Zielinski is Account Manager for Dyrbar Professional in Danish Crown, and he is the one who goes around the restaurants to talk about Dyrbar's products. He says that it is important that he spends time in the kitchen with the customers when he comes around.

"It is hard work and many visits around the country's good restaurants. Dyrbar has both well-known and special cuts that can do something that others cannot offer. It's a new way of getting pig, so I'm going around the restaurants and cooking some of the cuts with them to show what they can do. Fortunately, many people get excited about the products", says Casper Zielinski.

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