Danish Crown: Progress in sales for the barbecue products

The weather was an opponent in July and August. Nevertheless, Danish Crown managed to increase sales of barbecue products over the summer. At the same time, the wet weather led to record-breaking summer sales of Mou soups.

Posted on Sep 13 ,00:15

Danish Crown: Progress in sales for the barbecue products

They say it takes two to tango, but the weather gods didn't offer a barbecue dance this year. Because while the first weeks of May and the whole of June promised a fantastic summer, July and August were drowned in rain.

"It probably says everything about the summer weather that we have never before sold as much Mou soup as we have this year. Even though summer is definitely not soup season, we have actually sold more than 50 percent more than last year", says Peter Bendixen, sales director at Danish Crown.

Even though the sun took a holiday behind the clouds in July and August, Danish Crown has more than doubled the sales of the beef and veal products in the Boost series and sold 30 percent more grilled products from fresh pork. Conversely, consumers' appetite for sausages fell along with the temperatures in July and August.

"If we have to add up the sales of barbecue products this year, there are both pluses and minuses. It is strong that we have lifted the sales of fresh grilled pork products, but unfortunately bad summer weather during the holiday period reduced the total sales of marinated products and sausages in particular", says sales director Peter Bendixen.

The summer sales have also been affected by the rainstorms at Danish Crown Beef, who have nevertheless been able to increase barbecue sales this year by approximately 30 percent compared to last year. This is mainly due to a really good start to the grilling season.

"We sold a lot in the first weeks, so it was a great start for us. We actually had a hard time keeping up, but we fixed that. All in all, sales have been quite okay, but I have to admit that we turned our noses up for more, as our products were just pulled off the shelves in May and June", says sales director at Beef, Henning Sønnichsen.

It is the Boost series in particular that is the big driver in the grill range, and Burgerboost in particular has once again broken all records.

"Despite the weather, the Boost series sold very well in July, when the weather was really bad. It says something that you can always eat burgers regardless of the weather", says Henning Sønnichsen.

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