Danish Crown expects export flow to the UK to remain unchanged


Company's exports to the British market are worth €537 million every year and pork is the main product shipped in the UK.

Posted on Jan 07 ,11:54

Danish Crown expects export flow to the UK to remain unchanged

Danish Crown expects to continue its exports to the UK in largely unchanged form. "We have a large and important market in the UK, which looks set to continue with the Brexit agreement. We have always been preparing for the worst, but with a trade agreement between the UK and the EU, we can enter the new year with unchanged exports to one of our most important markets. It has created more calm both with us and in the rest of the European market for fresh pork because it removes an unknown factor," says Lars Albertsen, global sales director at Danish Crown Pork.
In the future, exports to the UK will require more paperwork than before, but it is not expected to create problems, as Danish Crown already has a large export to other countries outside the EU and therefore handles such documents in large numbers every single day. "Our customers have really focused on securing themselves if no agreement came into place. We have had the advantage that we ship most of our goods by ferry directly from Esbjerg to the UK. That is why we have always expected to be able to get our goods to England. We expect an unchanged large export to the UK, where it will largely be the development of the British economy that will determine whether we can increase exports or first and foremost concentrate on maintaining our market share," added Lars Albertsen.
Danish Crown exports around DKK 4 billion ( €537 million) annually to the United Kingdom. Pork accounts for by far the largest share, but also Foods, Beef, Sokolow, ESS-FOOD and DAT-Schaub are active in the UK market.

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