Danish Crown launched mixed minced meat and veg product


Named "50/50", the product is targeting families who want to cut meat consumption a little without losing the taste of the meat.

Posted on Aug 30 ,08:41

Danish Crown launched mixed minced meat and veg product

Danish Crown has launched a new product design to respond to the consumer's desire to reduce the meat intake without giving up on it. Called "50/50", the item is a mix of 50% minced meat (pork or beef) and 50% vegetables.
"The concept is called 50/50 and is launched in both beef and pork options. 50% of the content is meat of the same high quality that the Danes know from Danish Crown's products, while the remaining 50% are vegetables, which of course are also of high quality," explained Finn Klostermann, CEO of Danish Crown Beef, quoted by Landbrugsavisen magazine.
The new product was launched in the Danish market at the end of August and the vegetables used in the mix are different for every type of meat.
"There is a taste variation on beef and pork, which is why the vegetables have to compliment the different flavors. In Green & Pig, we have added carrots, peppers and chickpeas, while we have replaced the carrots with kidney beans in Green & Beef. Moreover, variants are also keyhole labeled with only 6 percent fat, so they match consumers' desire for lean and low-salt products", said Kamilla Wetke, senior brand manager at Danish Crown. Until now, Danish Crown has launched a number of hybrid beef products to individual retail chains under the chains' own brands, but these products contain only between 20% to 30% vegetables.

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