Danish Crown recruits a new board member

Group director for strategy and digitization at Carlsberg Breweries, Soren Brinck, is appointed as a new board member of Danish Crown A/S from January 2023. At the same time, current board member Camilla Sylvest, Novo Nordisk, is proposed for the post of deputy chairman.

Posted on Sep 13 ,04:42

Danish Crown recruits a new board member

The board of Danish Crown will strengthen its competencies in digitization and the grocery market with the election of its new board member. The choice has fallen on the 48-year-old Soren Brinck, who is group director for strategy and digitization at Carlsberg.

"It is my pleasure to welcome Soren Brinck to our board. He has a range of skills and a lot of management experience, which will be a good contribution to the work with the development of Danish Crown and the creation of sustainable food production", says Erik Bredholt, chairman of the board.

"I am really looking forward to becoming part of the board of an iconic Danish food company like Danish Crown, where I look forward to participating in the further development of the company together with the other board and management", continued Soren Brinck.

Soren Brinck will be one of four board members in Danish Crown A/S who are not shareholders in Danish Crown. The four independent board members are appointed by the board of Danish Crown AmbA and supplement the six owner-elected board members and three employee-elected board members on the board of Danish Crown A/S.

The board position will become vacant because Mads Nipper, CEO of Ørsted, announced in February that he will step down as an independent member of Danish Crown A/S at the end of the financial year after more than six years in the position. With his resignation, the position of vice-chairman in Danish Crown A/S becomes vacant at the same time, and Danish Crown AmbA's board of directors therefore proposes the current independent board member Camilla Sylvest, Group CEO of Novo Nordisk, as the new vice-chairman.

Danish Crown A/S constitutes itself by electing a chairman and deputy chairman at the first meeting of the new financial year.

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