Danish restaurants to switch faster from direct foodservice to takeaway

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The Danish government eased the regulation for foodservice operators to tackle the impact of lockdown in frond of coronavirus outbreak.

Posted on Mar 19 ,09:19

Danish restaurants to switch faster from direct foodservice to takeaway

Restaurants and other operators from Denmark's foodservice sector can from today sell take away directly to consumers or via digital platforms without first having to report it to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, announce the Ministry of Food. The scheme will create new opportunities for the restaurateurs in a difficult time, says Food Minister Mogens Jensen.

To ease the situation of restaurants and cafes, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is now changing its guidelines and making it easier to start selling take away. As of today, restaurants, cafes, etc. that do not normally take away can sell their food either directly or through one or more of the digital platforms that provide take away food. They can do this without registering the takeaway activity with the National Food Authority. Usually, eating places must otherwise report all changes in food activities.

"Coronavirus has put us in a very special situation that requires action. We need to do what we can to help desperately needed restaurants and cafes. The new approach is not the salvation of all eateries - but it may be helpful to some. That is why I am also very aware of whether we can do even more in the coming time to ease the situation of the restaurants without compromising on food security," says Food Minister Mogens Jensen.

Restaurants and cafes are no longer allowed to be open to dining guests to limit the spread of covid-19. The efforts to combat coronary infection mean that several restaurateurs may lose revenue and risk layoffs or closure.
The new approach is for a limited period, and until the situation with Covid-19 is more clarified. The Food Authority assumes that the delivery of takeaway takes place in food safety in a sound manner and that the companies have control of risk analyzes.

If the companies wish to continue with takeaway delivery after the crisis, it must be registered with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

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