De Groene Weg receives the first batch of Belgian organic pigs


The Dutch organic meat producer De Groene Weg takes first steps in expanding organic meat chain into Belgium.

Posted on May 17 ,10:57

De Groene Weg receives the first batch of Belgian organic pigs

This week, organic pig farmer Nico Vandendriessche from Wallonia delivered the first Belgian pigs to the Dutch organic meat producer De Groene Weg. This marks De Groene Weg’s start on building up a pork chain in Belgium like the one launched in the Netherlands more than 40 years ago, according to a press release from Vion Food Group.
After a fire destroyed Nico Vandendriessche’s conventional pig farm in Les Bons Villers, Wallonia, he decided to switch to organic pig farming. Nico: “I noticed that society’s support for conventional pig farming was diminishing. This made me think about how I wanted to rebuild my business. Moreover, I have become a father of three sons in recent years. I wanted to rebuild my farm with an eye to the future.” Organic pig farming fitted in with his vision of the future. Nico: “There is much more contact with the pigs now. The animals really are the focal point. I actually farm now in the same way that my grandparents did in the 1950s and ’60s, but on a larger scale and in a more modern way.”

Inspiration for other Belgian pig farmers

De Groene Weg has now taken the first step in building an organic meat chain in Belgium, like the one it launched in the Netherlands over 40 years ago. With its unique approach of long-term partnerships and a quarterly fixed price for pig farmers based on market and cost price developments, De Groene Weg offers peace and security to organic pig farmers. It also ensures balanced growth in the market by matching supply and demand. The years of experience that De Groene Weg has built up make it an expert partner during and after the conversion of pig farms.
Allard Bakker, De Groene Weg director: “This type of supply chain approach does not yet exist in Belgium. We are convinced that our unique approach to building an organic supply chain will inspire more conventional Belgian pig farmers to switch to organic. And if an organic pig farmer is looking for a partner to supply, they can also contact us. Together with Belgian suppliers and retailers, we are also working towards selling the organic meat from Belgium in Belgium itself. The first agreements to this end have already been made. We are proud that Nico Vandendriessche with his beautiful new organic farm has entered into an indefinite partnership with De Groene Weg.”

(Photo source: VionFoodGroup)

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