Denmark goes further in the Chinese food market


30 cooperation agreements in the food and veterinary fields are already in place, according to the Danish government, and others are expected to be signed soon.

Posted on Sep 09 ,04:59

Denmark goes further in the Chinese food market

Denmark is looking to increase its presence in the Chinese food market with new products, mentioned Food Minister Mogens Jensen before his first official visit in China. Currently, both countries have in place 30 cooperation agreements in the food and veterinary fields but that number could grow if the minister achieves its goal to open the Chinese food market for more products. China has the world's largest population and the world's second-largest economy and is Denmark's sixth-largest export market. Between 20% and 30% of the world's total economic growth in the coming years is expected to take place in China, the minister declared in his briefing.
"China is a country with many people getting more and more money between their hands. At the same time, there is an increased awareness among Chinese consumers that places greater demands on sustainable and safe food production. China is, therefore, an interesting market for Danish food companies, which in China also enjoys great trust and recognition. Hopefully, we can get even more types of products out in the Chinese supermarkets. Creating market openings is a long process, and I will do my best to push things in the right direction when I meet with my Chinese colleagues," explained Mogens Jensen.
In 2018, Denmark exported 213,000 tonnes of pork to China. It had a total value of approximately DKK 2.3 billion ($340 million). Figures increase in 2019 and Danish Crown expects a further increase in 2020 as China is affected by more outbreaks of African swine fever and therefore imports more pork than usual.

In addition to the cooperation agreements, Denmark and China have so-called strategic sector cooperation on improving food security in China. For example, officials from Denmark have visited China to talk about the strong Danish control system and how it is ensured that food safety and food quality remain top-notch.

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