Denmark is pushing for more animal welfare labeled products

Animal welfare

From 2020, consumers must also be able to buy milk, veal and beef with the state-controlled animal welfare label, said minister Mogens Jensen.

Posted on Sep 10 ,07:28

Denmark is pushing for more animal welfare labeled products

Danes will be able to buy new products labeled in the governmental program for animal welfare from next year, announced Mogens Jensen, the Danish Minister of Food. According to his plan, butter, milk, and yogurt labeled accordingly will be found on the supermarket shelves since the beginning of 2020 followed by red steaks and minced beef. The products will have either one, two or three hearts on the label, depending on much more animal welfare the farmer has placed on top of the existing animal welfare rules.
"We know from surveys that more than seven in ten consumers want state-controlled animal welfare. Exactly what the Animal Welfare Label delivers. By expanding the labeling scheme, it will be possible to contribute to the cows also getting better animal welfare when consumers will pay a little more for the goods. Among other things, the initiative ensures that the animals get more room and that the cows get more time with their calves," said minister Jensen.
The Animal Welfare Label is a collaboration between the Ministry of the Environment and Food, farmers, food companies, trade associations, animal welfare organizations and the retail trade.
Back in 2017, the Animal Welfare Label came on pork and in 2018 on chicken meat. The animal welfare mark is based on key basic requirements selected by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's experts in animal welfare. These basic requirements fulfill conditions that go far beyond the applicable legal requirements. The animal welfare label is available in 3 levels with increasing requirements for animal welfare. Higher demands lead to higher prices - which means there is something to everyone's preferences and pocketbook.
"The requirement for animal welfare to be expanded and the labeling scheme to be successful is that consumers, in practice, also reach for the new animal welfare-labeled goods when they land in the refrigerator counters. The statements we have from Danish farmers show that many would like to provide even more animal welfare for their animals and for consumers," added Mogens Jensen.

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