Denmark will tighten animal welfare control in the pig farms

Animal welfare

More than 33% of the farmers were penalized last year for animal welfare violations, says minister Mogens Jensen.

Posted on Oct 15 ,07:34

Denmark will tighten animal welfare control in the pig farms

In 2018, more than one in three pig herds received at least one sanction, as the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration was on unannounced sampling to check the animal welfare of more than 300 specially designated herds, according to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's Animal Welfare Report. In addition, there was an increase in police reviews from 13 to 23, although fewer inspection visits were made than in the previous year.
The situation is considered unacceptable by the Danish Minister of Food Mogens Jensen, who plans a significant increase in control of the country's pig herds.
"It simply does not seem appropriate that year after year, we must witness that an unreasonably high number of farmers do not provide the most basic statutory animal welfare for the animals they have in their custody. And then, of course, it makes the case extra bright that we see an increase in the most violent violations,", the minister said in a press release.
The vast majority of police reports were given that sick or injured animals did not receive proper care or treatment.

"Danish agriculture and Danish food must be world-class, both in terms of animal welfare, medicine consumption, and food quality. I would like to convene the industry and other parties as soon as possible to discuss how we can improve animal welfare in Danish pig farms. There are too many pigs who are not well enough, and we must have found solutions to that,", he added. Also, the mortality among piglets and sows has increased in 2018 causing another concern among the officials.
"It must also be discussed with the industry and other relevant parties so that we can identify new concrete initiatives so that we can reverse that development. I do not exclude anything in advance, because as a minister I cannot sit and watch the development on important points go the wrong way in the pig stables," warns minister Jensen.

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