Dutch are lifting their meat consumption by half a kilo


In 2018, per capita consumption in the Netherland has reached 77 kilograms according to new research.

Posted on Sep 24 ,10:40

Dutch are lifting their meat consumption by half a kilo

Dutch people have increased meat consumption last year by half a kilo over the data recorded in 2017, reaching 77 kg per person, according to a recent study from Wageningen University, which periodically monitors meat consumption at the request of Wakker Dier. The trend is reversed compared to previous years when meat consumption in the Netherlands has slipped by almost a kilo per year.
The growth is strongest with chicken and to a lesser extent with pork and beef. The figures for veal, sheep, goat and horse meat remain the same as in previous years. Almost half of the consumption is pork. Chicken and beef together make up about the other half.
Researchers can only speculate on the reverse trend in meat consumption but they are taking into consideration meat prices, improvements in people's incomes, a long "barbecue season" and a growth in the hotel and catering industry.

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